Love is a verb

Love, according to me is the most powerful and important thing in the world. Without love, the world is a sham. Without love, there is no motivation, there is no drive. Without love, there is no purpose, there is no gratitude. Without love, there is no ‘giving back’ , there is no emotion. Without love, there is not half the things that make us want to live. It’s so easy to love.

Love should not be restricted to the ones we know. Love should be spread to every person we interact with, in the day. It is difficult to hug and kiss every person you meet. Besides, that’s not how you love. Love is more of a feeling than an expression. One leads to the other. A smile, sometimes, is enough to convey that your love for him/her is abundant. Love selflessly because it is the only unlimited resource. It is also the most valuable resource. Its value and abundance defy economics (greater the value, rarer the resource).


Let’s love without a thought. Let’s love universally. Let’s love like a baby. Without prejudice of race, colour, nationality, caste. Without prejudice of age, gender, history, appearance. Let’s love because it’s what lets us live. Morrie(in the book, Tuesdays with Morrie) says- “ Love each other or perish. “This one line speaks volumes about the importance of love. About its power in dispelling darkness, hatred and negativity. About its power in spreading peace, happiness and prosperity. About its inevitability to be felt , received and imparted.

The richest person is the one who has the most love, to offer.


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