One word you should never use to start an email

Back in school, before email became the popular correspondence vehicle it is today, we were often told how it is bad etiquette to start a letter with “I, so and so…..”.

Jonathan M Tisch, co-chairman of the board of Loews Corporation(Hotels & Resorts, New York) was advised by his boss to never start an email with the word “I”. He continues to apply this rule till date.

The reason for it is that by starting the email with “I”, you are immediately attaching more importance to yourself than the person you are communicating with. Consciously resisting the use of the personal pronoun while drafting a mail will help you address the issue/subject at hand better. It will train your mind to think through an issue and convey the essence of it in a modest manner. Something to ponder upon while drafting your next mail?


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