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The past week hasn’t been the best one for my city, Chennai. The deluge coupled with no warnings or preparation from the government has led us to the current state of mishap. Lives have been lost, houses have been washed away. On the night of 2nd December of incessant rains, my helplessness led me to take to social media. It started off with a few calls to victims but their trying stories and conditions led me to give all my energy and attention for the entire night to ensure their safety. I didn’t even know if I was helping them but the hope that some good will come out of my efforts is what drove me to continue making those calls. Over the days, the conditions worsened and I realized that a better way to work around this was necessary. The next evening, I was put in touch with the control room of Chennai Rain Relief( and have been working with them ever since. I would like to mention a few people without whose help, I would be hitting the wall more often than I have. This is in no real order :

Anirudh Deepak- He has been my right hand since day 1 and is now doing great things with the Chennai Rain Relief, himself. From making verification calls, to handling social media to gathering and taking stock counts this man is everywhere. Thank you, Anirudh!

Arokia Raj– He is my super man.Staying in Bangalore, native of Chennai, a message from him on Facebook got us connected. He would verify the credibility of any random piece of information in no time. He had an answer to every question of mine. Thank you, Arokia!

Bharat Narayanan– From Singapore, a true Chennaite has helped me connect to two tech geniuses who have rolled out an automated way of connecting seekers and providers of help ( Apart from following up on the automation, he is constantly providing me great leads and is tirelessly managing to contribute resourcefully without any need of recognition. You are a pure soul. Thank you, Bharat!

Govind&Srinivas- From California, these tech guys have helped in making a huge impact by developing the automation (mentioned above) in connecting seekers and providers of help. Technology can solve half your problems if you know how to use it. Thank you, Govind and Srini.

Vidya, Aishwarya, Dhruv and Ishaan-  The best impact is when you don’t know how many people you have impacted. These guys stepped up to volunteer and make calls, verify information and connect immediate needs. Thank you, guys

Manav, Vidhi and Shravan- Making calls and verifying details for a good number of hours, adding to the energy levels and helping in following up and empathizing with victims over the call made me see a new side of that cares.

I am so thankful to have met you wonderful people. A little help goes a long way. I just had to shout out and say a big thank you!
Chennai is getting better. All you people, let there be faith, optimism and effort towards a better Chennai. Let’s focus on rehabilitation.

The Chennai Rain Relief Control Room



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