The trade-off

Immediate gratification almost always seems to be the rationale behind most of the ways, we choose to, utilize our time . There is always a voice that tells us what the right thing  to do, is. Let’s call this voice Dilbert. Dilbert always tells us what to do when we are contemplating how we should utilize our time, say over the weekends. But we somehow find an excuse to ignore him and take that path which gives us immediate satisfaction. However, if you listen to Dilbert and do what he says, you will not receive immediate gratification but a deferred one. Needless to say that this satisfaction far outweighs the satisfaction that you would have gotten by ignoring Dilbert. It’s hard to listen to him all the time but if you do, you see great results. The next time you have to choose between a party and preparation for a test that is due two months later, don’t choose the party unless I am in it!

 the trade off.jpg

 P.S: Dilbert is a random name. It is also one of my favourite comic series by a creative genius-Scott Adams. Check it out!


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