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Just hang in there!

Not everybody has it easy from day 1. Not everybody is naturally killing it everywhere (though I believe that “natural talent” is an illusion. It is hard work that leads to effortlessness in delivery). Most of us consider ourselves falling in the average bracket of the “bell curve of performance.” But we do want to get to the further end of this curve. And for those ordinary people (like me), hard work seems to be the fool proof method to reach that end. You will keep hitting the wall every now and then. You will feel sapped periodically. You will feel like giving up. But the key is to have faith in this tried and tested method. It’s a long journey. For me, working out at the gym and throwing myself into new challenges at work are ways to put myself through hard work. Find ways to enjoy the pain this journey gives you and be open to those simple joys that every day brings.

It’s hard. So light your day up!

A hard day’s work is definitely boring. For me, a boring day lights up if I have touched someone’s heart with a simple honest compliment. People love being told how nice they are. Tell them they’re beautiful. Tell them they’re kind. ¬†Figure what helps you through a boring day and keep at it. Don’t fall out of working hard. When you show up, big improvements happen. You just have to show up.



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