News On The Go

Hi guys! So I am doing a 4-5 minute audio round up of daily news, every week day.Listen to this audio link (News for the 8th of September, 2016) to decide if you like the sound of this idea.


What is this exactly?
An audio of 4-5 mins giving you world news in short. Just plug in and catch up with what’s happening around the world.

How do I listen to the news?

1. The easy way:
Once you’ve whatsapped me on +919840168226, you’ll be  receiving a Soundcloud link every weekday morning between 8-8.30 AM. Th link will direct you to the news for the day.No need to login (Thanks to super convenient Soundcloud)


2. The not so easy way:
Needless to say, you can directly follow me on Soundcloud and keep yourself posted!  I also share the link to daily news on my Facebook profile, every morning.

It’s always good to know what’s happening.



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