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Responsibility comes to the competent

Responsibility is not as much of a choice, as it is, a default assignment. What I mean by this is that you are often chosen to be responsible for a task/duty/event as opposed to voluntarily signing up for it. And this is because you are seen as competent; someone who can take charge and ensure desired delivery of the task at hand. Hence, I often feel feel valuable and competent when I am entrusted with a task as opposed to feeling burdened.

Take up and off-load simultaneously:

A fair assumption to make, would be- “With time, it is natural for us to be more competent and hence more responsible”. Hence, at every stage in our lives, we are competent enough to handle a bunch of things, competent enough to be responsible for a number of tasks. And as we grow, the breadth of events and tasks that we are capable of handling only increases.

It would be a good idea to take more complex responsibilities as you grow older but also remember to shed off a few simpler ones as you take the bigger ones on. Since as much as we’d all like it, nobody can do it all! Does that make sense?


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