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2 months of News On The Go!

Hello friends!

It has been exactly 2 months since I started “News on the Go.” For people who know me, would know, that I am not commitment phobic. I know that I have to deliver once I have promised.

Rationale behind News on the go:

I found it difficult to read the news early in the morning. What I thought would be a good idea, to get me to read it, was, if I commit to a group of others that I will read the news for them. This is what led to News on the Go. I have faltered on a few days (not delivering on time/not delivering at all). But on most days, I have delivered. And the objective of me staying up to date(to a decent amount) with what’s happening in the world was achieved.

I am not very self motivated(the aim is to get there, slowly) unless there is a consequence for not delivering. To give you an instance, I usually fine myself 50 rupees for a day that I do not exercise. This helps me push myself and get my exercise done for the day.


Improving on the news content, time and sound quality (I am looking for a noise cancellation audio recorder and hope to have it soon) are points of constructive feedback while my day lights up if a couple of listeners ping me when they haven’t received the news! It’s always good to know what’s happening around the world!



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