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124 days of exercise


I have a cool method of tracking my exercise(4 days a weak) on a daily and monthly basis(see picture below). I stick this sheet at the beginning of every month, behind my bedroom door. Along with exercise, I also track the amount of water I drink(3-4 liters a day).


Today, I was going through the multiple check sheets that I keep for every month. I realized that I have exercised(either a run/hardcore gymming/football/swimming) for a total of 124 days in the past 8 months.


For every day that I don’t exercise/drink enough water, I deposit a fine of rs 50. (Currently I target exercise for 4 days a week.I’ve come to realise that targets should be more realistic than ambitious)

Feel good

At the end of one or two months, I put the collected amount to good use. The last time, I used the money to buy a memory card for the dude who works at the pantry in my office. He was elated. And it made my day too. The fine system really works for me. You guys should try it too.


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