The psychic hat!

In the book-‘Conscious Business’, the author Fred Koffman speaks about a ‘psychic hat’ that each one of us possess. He says that a psychic hat is the simple instrument that one uses to understand what the other is feeling but not voicing out.

For example, A puts forward his opinion to B. B does not say anything or maybe acknowledges mildly. A understands that B was not happy with what A suggested. How is that possible? B did not even say anything on the lines of dislike/disagreement. A’s psychic hat came handy here.



Each one us, if conscious about our surroundings, will be able to use this hat to gauge the mood of the person that we are interacting with. It will help us understand the level of excitement/disapproval that the other person expresses(without him/her saying anything out loud). Of course, it is easy to miss this if one is not conscious and not present in the moment. If one is too obsessed in sharing his ideas without wearing the psychic hat, he will be unaware of what the crowd around him feels about his ideas and in the process lose the attention of his target audience.

Psychic hat is possessed by each one of us but used by a few. And those few are who Fred Koffman calls, socially intelligent. Ideas and intellect without social intelligence is as good as a well without water. It’s easy to put that hat on. All you have to do is be conscious. But, I’ve been told that it sounds simpler than it actually is.


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