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Say hello to that guy who frisks you

I was entering a hotel and just at the entrance, was being frisked by the guard. His name was Shiva. He greeted me with a -“Hello, Good Evening, Sir.” I sincerely wished him back. The guy’s face lit up.  He was almost surprised that I responded. The smile on his face made it seem like I made his day. He probably wished a 100 other people, a good evening before frisking them and didn’t hear back from them.


Expectations have fallen

Shiva’s gleaming smile meant that he didn’t expect me to respond with a “Good Evening.” He expected me to walk right past as if I didn’t hear him at all. It’s upsetting that Shiva’s expectations have fallen to such a level. What’s even more upsetting is that we meet his expectations.

We can do better

The next time someone wishes us  before entering a movie hall/ hotel/ museum- it won’t hurt to take a  second off and acknowledge it. Because acknowledging and responding is what makes us human!



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