Audio Books

For those of you who know me well enough, you must already know how big a fan, I am, of audio books. I have been listening to books since almost a year now. I personally use audible (Amazon’s paid product) but there are a bunch of sources(mentioned below) that sell/provide audio books.

The Experience:

I listen to books while travelling (during my cab rides, while waiting in long queues, during my occasional grocery/vegetable shopping walks on Sunday evenings). Since reading in a moving car gets me dizzy, I end up listening to books. I’ve also started to consciously take more of the Ubers (instead of driving) so I can catch up on my reading(only if I am travelling alone). The ease of plugging in and listening to a clear voice makes reading a book, so much simpler.

The Value:

The way I see it – 2 benefits in audio books:
1. Speed- I see that my reading/listening speed has gone up, by a considerable amount. For example, I hardly read 3-4 books in 2015. I managed to read(or listen to) 10 books in 2016. Without audio books, I am not so sure if I could manage that.
2. Retention- I am also able to retain what I read, better if I listen to it.

If I listen to a book, do I buy the physical copy/kindle version?

Yes I do! But that is because I go back to refer to things I find useful. I also make notes when  I read. Most times, I end up having an audio version as well as a physical copy/kindle version of the book. Also, the first couple books that I listened to, I used to read simultaneously to get a hang of it. I was unsure if I would be able to retain everything that I listened, to. To my surprise, the retention was the same, if not better – via listening.

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Free Sources-

Open Culture-By far, the most expansive free source that I have come across.
Librivox– Android app and website. Decent collection of books.
Booklet-Android app that summarizes books in 20-30 minutes of audio.
Youtube– Just youtube audio books. It’s that simple. I used Youtube to listen to Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Paid Sources-

Audible- My favourite mobile app. I pay 15-20$ per book (Also, your first book is free!) You can bookmark, control reading speed, analyse reading time per day/week/month etc. via their app. Login is the same as amazon(if you have an account with Amazon).
Audiobooks.com– I personally did not like it so much since it is involves a compulsory 14.95$ payment per month which allows you to download 1 book. Whether you download a book or not, you will be charged $14.95 every month.

P.S- If you know of any other cool sources/apps for audio books, do let me know by commenting below!


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