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Don’t boil the ocean

When I was reading the book- ‘The Mckinsey Way’, I came across a very interesting thought. The author, Ethan Rasiel asks you not to boil the ocean.

Image result for do nt boil the ocean

“Don’t boil the ocean” means don’t try to analyze everything. Be selective; figure out the priorities of what you are doing. Know when you have done enough, then stop. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time and effort for very little return, like boiling the ocean to get a handful of salt. Sometimes, I end up boiling the ocean. I invest too much effort for something doesn’t require it.

But the good part about this is that I am constantly learning and bettering myself with every consecutive experience. The thought struck a deep chord with me. ‘How much effort is enough?’ is always a difficult question to answer. Going the extra mile is not always necessary.


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