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Competition and intimidation

Have you ever entered an event/competition against someone who intimidates you? Because he/she is a lot better than you,(or at least that is what you think) you feel like giving up in the very beginning? For starters-it’s a good problem to have. Because competition often brings out the best in you. That is what my mom and other well-wishers would say, if they hear me complaining about the situation.

I have a different take on competition. Not anything brand new. Something that just helps me deal with an overwhelming problem.

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How I deal with competition

While I still have overwhelming moments in a competitive atmosphere, I try to bring out the best in me by adopting a conscious mindset shift. A mindset shift that helps me ignore external competition and focus more on solving the problem. Here is the thing- There is always going to be someone better than you. There is always someone who can run a mile, faster than you. Someone who can make a presentation, better than you. Someone who can grasp concepts quicker than you. You can’t change that. What you can change is your area of focus. Focus more of your time and energy on finding a solution to the problem than wondering what your competition is up to. Focus more on trusting yourself to deliver than imitating your competitor. You can’t make your competition invisible. But if you focus less on them, and more on you-chances are that you’ll bring out the best in you. Chances are that you will strike insightful observations and path-breaking findings.

And with this- Competition becomes secondary while learning becomes primary.


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