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Punctual people convey 2 things- 1. They respect their own time and care enough to plan their day to make sure they are in time to meet you  2. They respect your time.


If I could take the liberty to bucket the universe in different parameters of punctuality, 4 categories emerge:

1. Always late
2. Selectively punctual- They reserve punctuality for only official settings. They make it to office meetings on time but take their relatives and friends for granted.
3. Always punctual
4. And then- there’s another group of rare few. The ones who are 5 minutes early to a meeting. If you know such people, treasure them.

It’s worth reflecting which category we belong to. Personally, I am taking a conscious effort to move from category 2 to 3. It’s not easy to be on time. But if you care enough, it becomes less difficult.


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