Self development

Writing consistently

It’s been more than a year since I started writing(my first post) and this journey has taught me a lot. Apart from just capturing the evolution of my ideas over time, writing here has helped me build discipline. From writing once a month to writing twice a week, I have definitely gotten better at acting on promises that I make to myself. When I started writing, I always felt pressured to write relevant, meaningful and interesting things. Over time, I have come to realize that the intersection of all those 3 elements may not always be possible. Also- relevance, meaning and interest are extremely subjective. What may be interesting to me might be of least interest to you. As mindful as I am about the subject and content of my posts, I am not manipulating my writing to make it interesting to an audience. This also helps me identify the few people who genuinely look forward to my posts and thoughts.

Building consistency:

The most misinterpreted line of thought is that writing is for a selected few. If you can talk, you can write. Write something, just as you would talk the same thing. This approach has helped me get better with the consistency. Also, my desire in expressing what I experience, through my writing, helps me not run out of things to discuss. Because I am always experiencing and always learning.

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Here’s to more writing. Here’s to writing more consistently.


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