Misconceptions · Psychology · Self development

Hard work doesn’t give us license to ill-treat

After a hard day’s work, we feel like we’ve earned the right to treat people the way we want to. That is not the truth. What we’ve earned is what we’ve worked for. And the truth is that everyone else around us is working just as hard, if not more.


Just because I’ve had a long and tiring day at work, I can’t be rude to the help at home. Just because I’ve been pushed to the wall to deliver a presentation in the neck of time, I don’t deserve my favourite dinner. Just because I’ve spent hours on crunching numbers, I cannot be rude to my mum who is calling me to check when I will be home, for dinner. It’s going to be difficult if we are under the illusion that the world should reward us for hard work with our favourite pleasures and excuse us for treating people the way we feel like.

In fact, humility is the natural effect of working hard. With more work, we know that there is a lot out there, that we are not aware of. The ignorant ones claim benefits after working hard. The wise ones continue learning and treating people with love and respect. Hard work pays off, in due time anyway.


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