About me

I am Ashwin Chhabria, 23 and I work at Mckinsey as a research analyst.

I love letting people know how much I love them because when you love someone, they ought to know it. My favourite book is “Tuesdays with Morrie” which has influenced and magnified the part in me, that loves.To quote Morrie again, this one line speaks volumes and helps me approach life-“Love each other or perish” Compassion is a trait that I most value and find missing in most people. I love spending time with friends and family. These are the people for whom I would go out of the way, to help, and not think twice before doing so.

Of late, I have found that there is a way to do things and achieve goals. Systematic planning coupled with smart work can help us achieve anything that we have in mind. I am still in the testing phase. I will let you know how that turns out for me!


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Respectful Chennai Rain Relief Teams,

    First off, Salute to all the teams that are involved in rain relief for, you have put in all the efforts you can to provide the utmost relief measures to Chennai, especially for the poor and needy. The way the teams work day and night to co-ordinate volunteer activities and to provide the relief measures are remarkable and highly appreciated. I am writing this letter to the teams with a special request.

    We know that after the floods Chennai has become a huge garbage and the cleaning could take months. All the cleaning activities will be done by the poor corporation workers and sewage cleaners of the city. It is in news that several such sewage workers from other districts of Tamilnadu have also been deployed to Chennai to handle the huge cleaning work. Even in an ordinary cleaning scenario, we know the condition in which these workers function – no hand gloves, no face mask, no knee high boots, no head to toe plastic cover to cover their dress etc., complete inhumane conditions. Now, after the rain and floods and the stagnant water and disease spreading conditions, imagine the inhumane conditions the workers have to face to clean up the whole city!! They are human beings too right? Will we dare to touch and clean the flood garbage? even if we clean, will we dare to do that without covering ourselves from head to toe? After all, they are the ones who are going to contribute to the fullest to restore the same old “SINGARA CHENNAI” back to us. Is it not our responsibility to take care of their health too? Are we that “selfish” to focus only on the cleanliness and not on the workers who pledge their health and sometimes even their lives in giving a clean city back to us?

    Therefore my request is very simple. Please allocate some of the funds to provide the Hand gloves, mask, disposable plastic covers designed to cover from head to toe and knee high boots to all the corporation workers and sewage workers who are deployed to clean the city. The government will not do this. That is the reason why such a request had to be sent to the teams involved in volunteer activities. I request the teams to consider this and take actions to provide them with the least possible sanitary conditions to protect them. NRIs who send donations as money should also consider sending these materials in bulk to Chennai to be distributed to the workers and also to the volunteers who are actively involved in the rescue operations.

    News about sewage workers from other districts deployed to Chennai:

    http://tinyurl.com/zm3eq5d – tamil the hindu news

    (an email has been send with pictures to bhoomika’s email)


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